Plastering is an Art and a Craft.

Plastering is a highly skilled craft. It is by no means easy to get a perfect finish on an internal wall. Corners can not be cut. The work may have to be done quickly and methodically. But it is easy to make mistakes. Also, any plasterer has to make sure everything is cleared away properly at the end. This can be a messy process. So everything has to be set up properly. If possible, clear a room of furniture and any belongings. Otherwise, everything has to be covered. For anyone looking for a professional service in the city, plasterers in Sydney will be able to provide this.

Available Services

The following services are available – plaster repairs, partician walls, ceilings, rendering, and ornate plastenivork. Therefore, plasterers in Sydney can undertake all these areas of plastering.


For an existing ceiling, the surface will need to be clean and even throughout. So initial preparation is important so that the plaster can be applied evenly. Any irregularities may cause problems and show up in the final plastered ceiling. The end result will be good enough for any paint or any other covering to be applied.

Plaster Repairs

This is where a professional plasterer will carefully evaluate the damage. If the damage is relatively minor, it might mean finding the secure plaster then scoring around the damaged area. Carefully remove any damaged plastic. Then make sure the area is totally free of dust. Some prior preparation may be needed such as applying a“bonding agent”. Then the plastering can start. An experienced plasterer would be able detect if there are any more serious problems causing the damage. There could be damp or water coming in, subsidence or movement in the building. This may need a surveyor and/or a builder coming in to assess then fix these problems before the repair work can be started.

Partician Walls

This would be fairly straightforward to plaster. These temporary walls are used extensively in offices, stores, and shops etc. Again, if already plastered or painted, preparation and minor repair work may be needed.

Ornate Plastenivork

The term “plastenivork” comes up especially in respect to planning applications. This means effectively ornate plaster work. This is a highly skilled area. Ornate plastering might mean creating moldings, repeated patterns, textures etc. This could be creating a decorative cornice around the top of a wall, and probably around a whole room. It might mean decorating all of the ceiling.

As this word implies, this could involve very careful restoration work.


This takes plastering a stage further. Really modern effects can be generated using careful rendering techniques. Patterns, designs and textured effects can be added to the walls of a private house. This is equally the case, in say a restaurant, where a particular kind of rendered plaster finish would help the overall design effect in a public space, helping to set up the right atmosphere.

There are a number of other services that plasterers in Sydney can provide. These include shop fittings and office and commercial fit outs.

Given how critical good plastering is in any building, it has to be done properly. So it is best to look at a company with the experience and expertise in this area. Price is important, but so is the end result.